Ceiling Clothes Airer – Top 5 Reasons Why Clothes Airers For Indoor Use Save You Money

What Is A Ceiling Clothes Airer?

The best way to dry clothes is with an indoor airer. Indoor units will save you money and are gentle on fabric, so they’re perfect for those who want their delicates preserved! Here’s why everyone should invest in this household essential:

1. Trying to decide whether to get an indoor clothes airer or a tumble drier? A clothes airer is cheaper to buy. Some brands costs half as much as a tumble drier.

2. And after the initial buy it costs nothing there after, unlike the expensive tumble drier which uses electricity every time you dry. So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to dry your clothes without spending too much money – this is the perfect solution! And as electricity prices continue rising it’ll be even more useful in helping keep that monthly utility bill small..

3. Clothes dry gently on an indoor clothes airer. Fabric gets destroyed in the tumble drier, but on an indoor airer they stay in good condition meaning a smaller clothes bill for your family. If you change to an airer you will notice the difference.

4. Clothes definitely will not shrink on all models of indoor styled clothes airers. So you can be sure your favourite items will stay just how you want them and you won’t have to fork out for new ones.

5. Electric driers quickly fade fabric. Even drying outside in the sun causes some fading. By drying on an indoor clothes airer they will not fade while they dry. You can save your clothes from fading by using an indoor drier. Clothes will not be damaged even if you put them outside to dry in the sun!

See eco-friendly organisations such as Eco Washing Lines in the UK who are specialists in Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airers in the UK, and they do ship worldwide!

Did you know that clothes airers save the environment too?

Everybody washes and dries their clothes. Imagine how much electricity we would save if everyone switched to an indoor clothes airer!

Modern clothes airers generally are sturdy are fixed against a wall. Most types will fold back against the wall when not being used so they cause you no hassle and stay neatly out of the way. They are very easy to use and disabled people will also find them a breeze to use.

Furthermore, compared to a tumble drier, indoor clothes airers take up very little room and they are not noisy and stuffy!

So if get an indoor clothes airer, save money and dry your fabric in the best way possible.